Hello from our home to your home, the beautiful fall weather is here and we are watching the trees turn into their golden colors for fall.

Gunner Evans celebrated his first year as a volunteer here at HOTO.   He is loved by everyone here in our home, he brings fun, laughter and lots of love on Wednesday afternoon.   The residents gave Gunner a gift card to Sonic and some mad cash to spend.

Jeff Smith from Three Rivers Hospice was here for Bible study with our residents.  In the afternoon it was time for our Birthday Party with the Birthday Day Band, Tim Cook, Sherry Bennett, Tom Sampson and Joann Lawrence. They played music for our residents  and we had several with birthdays this month.   They are Robert Towe, Ila Stillings, Billie Hodges, Carl Sievert, Margie Burke, Tom Hawkins, Naomi Stephens and Anna Worthy Garner.

Sara Carter and Mrs. Joy brought in pumpkins and the residents painted and decorated the pumpkins with ribbon.    The residents decided to keep their pumpkins in the activity room for Halloween Night!        Scary, scary, scary! Sara and Joy did a wonderful job helping everyone with the painting. Sara and Joy are from Three Rivers Hospice located out of Mtn. Grove, MO.

Angela Shields called Bingo Thursday afternoon. The residents were still talking about the movie they had seen that morning called “Dennis the Menace.”

Friday morning, we missed Edgar and Sharon Stewart and all their sidekicks, so we just put in a DVD from “The Brett’s in Branson.”

Saturday morning Norma and Lola were here for church services with the residents.   The residents love visiting with the girls.   Bro. Tom Hawkins read several passages from the Bible to the residents.    

Sunday morning Bro. Larry Moore was here for Sunday School with the residents and in the afternoon Redbank Church was here with a wonderful church service and music.    We are always thankful to have our churches visit with us and do a church service here for our residents.

Congratulation to Vivian Evans on getting to go home this week, we will miss her here at our home.   

Our prayers and sympathy go out to Assumption Abbey on the passing of Bro. Boni.   Bro. Boni has been a part of our home for a long time.

God Bless You from Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center.