Oct. 2 – Monday, James and I visited a few minutes at Walmart with Donna (Nelson) Hull. She has the neatest Halloween decoration of an old pickup with two people working under the hood. It sure is neat.

Brett and Melany Stevens went to Colorado for their 20th wedding anniversary. It was Oct. 4, I believe.

I visited Junior and Betty Halcomb recently and also, Sybil Harvill.

Happy Birthday to Connie Siler, Loretta Nelson and Christy Lakey on Oct. 2.

John and Connie Siler and his sister and brother-in-law, Sue and Kevin Clayton, enjoyed a few days at Buck Creek.

Sunday at Garrison Church, we had 45 present. Justin Bertoldie sang two songs and Lisa Ellison sang one and played the piano in the absence of Melany.

Recently Adalynn Siler took seventh place in a chess tournament for kids in grades 1-4. Amaris, her sister, spent the night with grandparents, John and Connie Siler and then Adalynn spent some time with them. Patty Siler’s sister had a new baby and her Dad has to have surgery on an infected arm.

Sunday, 39 were present at Garrison Church. Pastor James Orick has been preaching on the riders on the horses. Come join us. We sing, pray, testify and preach God’s word and we teach like it should be the way we were raised. The only difference is we are more educated in Revelations because it’s opening up to us. Melany Stevens brought the special song. James gave the sermon.

Rex and Shirley Halcomb visited me on Friday. James and David was on a fishing trip.

We are picking up some walnuts . This dry weather sure has made them very dry. Most everyone is ready for a frost to get rid of bugs, heat and allergies.

Bob Rains’ cousin, Bobby George Rains of Powersite passed away. They were very close. They spent a lot of time together growing up and during their adult life. Bobby’s mom is 98 years old and lives alone.

Our sweet potatoes were very large this year. We had a smaller garden, but it sure yielded good. I still get a few tomatoes. They are about gone in the garden. A cherry tomato volunteered by the porch and James tied it up and they are very good.

Saturday morning we visited Tom and Fay Stevens at Cox Hospital. He had a mini stroke. He came home Saturday evening.

Pray his speech will clear up. He is the song leader at Garrison.

Get-well wishes sent to all

Rex Halcomb attended Molasses Making Day at Tony and Linda Stillings. A very large crowd attended.

David and Glenda Halcomb brought us some good food Sunday.

James and I visited Rex and Shirley Halcomb Monday.

God’s blessings sent your way.