Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home. We have been getting ready for the Golden Age Games which will be held on October 20th  at Mtn. Grove, MO.

Gunner and Sarah Johnson have been practicing games with the residents. We have been calling up the pigs, playing soccer kick, basketball toss, Bingo, quiz bowl, along with some horseshoes.

Glen Dale and LeaAnn are here on Wednesday morning at 10:00.   Everyone loves to hear this group.

Thursday morning Cassie Dancause was here for Painting with Memories.   The residents made button trees and they were so very proud of them.   The 1st Sonshine Group was here for a morning of  music and devotions.    

Sunday afternoon Gentry Church was here for the afternoon service and they had a very good church service.

Norma and Lola was here for music and church time Saturday morning.    Ms. Norma Stillings is also our Ombudsman, she visits with every resident each week, then sending her report to the state Ombudsman office.    We appreciate Ms. Norma very much.

What the Bible’s Says is a very popular Bible study that happens at 3:00 on Wednesday afternoon.

It is drizzling rain as we write this column for you.

We have had a couple of changes in our Team Leaders, Tina Simmons is now the dietary manager. She is married to Gordon Simmons and has two children, 13 year old Brooklyn and 12 year old Doran.   We wish her  much success with the new job.  She is also the granddaughter of Russell and Ella Doran and Ellis and Emmalyn Stephens.

We would like to congratulate Dora McBrayer, David Welch  and Gwen Tartenaar on getting to go home this week.    

We would like to welcome new residents to our home, they are Skip Berry and Cheryl Emrick.    

Our prayers and sympathy go out to the family of Bertha Bogart, she will be missed around our home.

If you would like to volunteer please call Connie at 683-4129.