We had great services at Girdner this weekend! Wonderful messages and some really great testimonies and singing!

We still have some who are not feeling well, recovering from surgeries, and some still going through treatments. Please remember our people when you pray. Bro. Larry, Sis. Bonnie, Sis. Wilda and Bro. Leon. We missed some of these Sunday while they are out recovering from their surgeries and am glad to have those with us, even when they aren’t feeling at their best. We have several in our community, as well, who needs our prayers, so lets keep them all lifted up in prayer.

My kid’s at church had a great weekend, they shared with us all in class. Emma Potter and Macee Breeding spent the weekend with Aunt Jen and uncle Tony and had a slumber party and shopped! I think Aunt Jen’s shopping has rubbed off on Emma, cause she sure enjoyed it. Charlee Potter had spent the night with Maggie Potter. I think it’s great when the kids all have close friends they can spend time with. Having friends they can share about Jesus with and talk with about their prayer requests are great! That makes for teenagers that grow up and have someone to share with as they grow into adults. We need those friends that we are close to  in order to share our thoughts and prayers with. Westin Potter went hunting with his daddy and killed a 5 pt. buck with his cross bow. I got to see his deer head, he had it in  box showing it off at church afterwards! One proud boy there, and we are proud of him as well, great job Westin!! These kids all had some great stories, as well as, some heartfelt prayers for people they love who are need of a touch from God. These guys have some great training from some wonderful parents and I appreciate them all.

Saturday evening about 4:30, there will be a hay ride at Girdner, so if you want to do a hayride, come on down. Hot dogs and all the trimmings afterward, and a devotion with Brock Mitchell. All are welcome to come and join in.

Sunday morning Sis. Maxine’s message was from Romans 2:17. Sunday evening her message was from Psalms 90:12. You know the message is the right one, when you have someone testify and it’s about the message! Bro. Dallas gave a testimony before the message service and it was so good! As Sis. Maxine got up to preach she said he had about preached her message! Psalms 90:12 says, So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. We have our yesterdays, we have our today’s and we have our tomorrows. We can learn from our pasts, we can’t change them or erase them, but there are things we can learn from them. The day before us, is ours to use now! Will we be saved today if we are not, will we be revived if we need reviving, will we study to get a closer walk with God, today is ours today to use now! Our tomorrows are something we sometimes think ahead on, or I for sure do. I find myself worrying about things that may come to pass. But Sis. Maxine brought out something tonight that I hope I will remember in days to come, as well as, today. God’s  grace is sufficient! In 11 Corinthians 12: 9 Jesus says,  My  grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. We may not think that we can make it through something we see in our future, we think we won’t have the strength to make it through, but Jesus says, we can with His strength! That is a wonderful promise from him for us to claim for all our tomorrow thoughts when we think we can’t handle it. And we can’t; alone, but with Jesus we can!

In closing I’d like to share a little story our Bro. Leon shared with us his doctor had shared with him. Do you know why the blind man fell in the well? He couldn’t see well! Just a little humor to end on today. God bless each and everyone and have a great Lord’s week!