Happy Home Church

Bro. Gregg opened our Sunday morning service. We put our many prayer requests before the Lord. There seems to be a lot of sickness going around. Bro. Gregg then led the congregation in prayer. We sang our opening song.

We said our pledges to the flag and to the Bible. Our kids play a big role in our church service.

Classes then took their places. The adult class studied “In Paul’s Defense.” Key verse was “But he that glorieth let him glory in the Lord,” II Corinthians 10:37. We need to understand that real spiritual authority comes only from God. We also need to follow the examples of Christ in meekness and gentleness. It was a very good lesson.

We then had a very good congregational singing. Everyone was in fine voice.

The children then gathered the Coins For Christ, our youngest ones are under two years. It is such a joy to see their enthusiasm.

We then gathered our gifts for the Lord.

Our specials were by Sister Juanita Dougherty and Miss Autumn Baldwin. Good job, girls.

The title to Bro. Gregg’s message was Vain Worship or Conforming to Christ? It was found in Acts, chapter fourteen, verse 22. Paul and Barnabas began their journey to their home base of Antioch. Their purpose was to strengthen the faith of the disciples to be sure they understood that much tribulation comes to those who seek the kingdom of God. Good job, Bro. Gregg. It was a good message.

Our evening service began by holding the sick up before the Lord. Bro. John Weisbrod opened the service in prayer. The evening message was found in I Chronicles 28:1. We are to know God and serve him with a perfect heart and with a willing mind: If we seek Him, he will be found in us and if we forsake Him, he will cast us off forever.

Sister Carla Moseley dismissed us in prayer. Have a great week in the Lord and remember to tell someone else about Him.

God bless.