Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Good morning, it is so good to finally see some rain here on the mountain. It always makes things seem so fresh and smell so good. I am still getting some tomatoes from the garden, wonder if this will help them to finish out their season. Of course, it is October so we are really past their season.

It seems that everyone is being a little accident prone around here. Jon said Sunday that Satan is perhaps trying to cause a little havac. Do you think trying to keep us out of church? Well it didn’t work. Jon’s son scratched his eye, but he still brought a great message about God’s mercy and grace. After six weeks of stubbornness, I finally went to Dr. and found out I have a broken bone in my big toe and foot so no weight bearing on it for six weeks. I can still play the piano and sing. God does provide.

I have been watching the news as I am sure most of you have. It is a sad thing to see such violence and hatred in this land that God provided us with. A land which was supposed to be “under God,” but somewhere along the way people are trying to leave God completely out of the American way.

God was what this country was built on and needs to get back to.

Remember, I said that Jon preached on God’s mercy and grace? Instead of fear and hatred of our neighbors we should teach our children about God’s mercy and grace and that God wants us to love our neighbors.

Let’s start spreading that message, so that we can have less rioting and less senseless killing.

Till next time, take care and God bless.