Dogwood Ramblings

Do you have good health?  If so, take care of it and give thanks.  A few of my friends have been going through not such good times including some of their family members.  Of course, the older we get the more we hear about such things.   Perhaps the enormity of what we see and hear in our community is not much in the big picture of life, such as hurricanes, quakes, and ethnic problems worldwide where we hear of so much loss of life.  We are not promised happiness or lives of leisure, but we do live in a country where with some effort, one can do well.

I have heard tell that about twelve of our states have more people “on the dole” than are employed.  Why is that?  We have businesses that cannot keep employees for various reasons.  Is that because employers ask too much or because people don’t really want to work for a living?  What examples are given in homes and schools that inspire a work ethic, or the desire to live off the labor of others?

Douglas County is fortunate to have many good people such as those who give of their time to the Food Harvest, those who visit the indisposed in nursing homes, those who prepare food for those unable to do so.  I have been fortunate in having folk who take me to medical appointments and help with shopping.  We have many church folk who give of their time in various helpful roles and never ask for anything in return. This world is full of givers and takers.  Which are you?

I wish that I had news of the Dogwood Community to share with you, but unfortunately it seems no one wishes to share or are not at liberty to share.  There was a nasty vehicle accident on Hwy. 14 near Ava that injured a few from Dogwood.  Please do remember them in prayer, as well as, the millions worldwide who need our prayers.