Church of the Living God

What a beautiful day to serve the Lord! Some much needed rain was falling as we gathered together today. We said prayers of thanks to our Lord and then Sister Norma read our devotions from Titus chapter 2, verses 11-15. “For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men.” God’s saving grace is not just for a select few, it is there, in abundance, for all who will believe and receive.

We lifted our prayer requests to God. There are so many needs and we know we have a God who cares and is capable to supply our needs.

Sister Linda taught the adult Sunday school class from Ephesians chapter 3. The apostle Paul speaks of the “mystery” of Christ” hidden for ages past in God and now made known by revelation through the Spirit to the apostles and prophets. Are we, as disciples of Christ, seeking His gift of wisdom and understanding? And if He has given us that gift, are we using it, for His honor and glory, to help others understand? A very good lesson.

There were many song of praise for our Lord this morning. Sister Norma, Sister Linda Sister Susan, and Sister Sharon all sang praises.

Pastor Lonnie brought God’s message from Galatians chapter 6, verses 1-8. Are we fulfilling the law of Christ? What should we do if we see a brother or sister stumble or fall? What if they are under a burden too heavy for them to carry alone? What if they need teaching and instruction? The scriptures clearly tell us to restore (lead them to repentance), to help carry others burdens, and to share the knowledge that God has given. But there are also warnings in these scriptures. When we reprove someone who has erred, we must consider ourselves lest we be tempted and also fall. Let God guide our words and actions. We should help others when they are in need, but don’t forget to ask for help also. Don’t ever think yourself stronger than you are. You will just deceive yourself. Teach others what God has shown you. To be given wisdom and not share it is selfishness. And always remember, you will reap what you sow. Will you sow unto the flesh and reap corruption, or sow unto the Spirit and reap life everlasting?

We had a wonderful service this evening. There were many songs of praise and so many wonderful testimonies. It is always a blessing to hear what God has done in other people’s lives. And it is a blessing to be able to share what He has done for us. Sometimes God’s message can come from more than just the Pastor. We should always be ready and willing to share what God has done.