Breedon News

Before we had our lesson for the day, Joe Lafferty read the 67th Psalm. Sister Evelyn Harper led in prayer.

Our lesson is still in II King. A lot of kings in history that happened those times, which is interesting, but a little boring. It also speaks of different rulers and kings in that day.

We had questions and answers. It makes you study parts of the Bible that you haven’t read for a while. Like a rear view mirror, it’s always good to study things that you kind of forgot.

Darryl Hampton took up the morning offering. The congregation sang a few songs and Sue and Ronnie Thomas and granddaughter sang a special.

Joe Lafferty preached the morning sermon from the 11th chapter of St. John’s gospel. It was about the raising of Lazarus.

We sang the invitational song and were dismissed by Bill Harper.

The evening service started at 6 p.m. The congregation sang a few songs. Ronnie and Sue Thomas sang a special and Ronnie sang it as a bass solo. I love to hear that bass. Sue played for him.

Joe Lafferty preached on the 20th chapter of St. John, when Jesus told Thomas to put his finger in his side, because Thomas wanted to be sure Jesus had arose. When Thomas found out it was really Jesus, Thomas said unto Jesus, “My Lord and My God.” Jesus saith unto Him, Thomas because thou hast seen me, thou have believed, blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” It was a wonderful message. We sang the invitational song then were dismissed by Ronnie Thomas.