Breedon Church

Joe Lafferty read the 95th Psalms to open Sunday school. Opening prayer was given by Lee Hampton. We sang the opening song. Our lesson is still in II Kings the fourteenth chapter. Bill Harper said the blessing on the offering. We had questions and answers. The congregation sang a few songs. Jacelyn played a little chorus. She’s learning to play the piano. Joe preached on I John from the first chapter, “Walking In The Light” and he also read chapter two also. Susie and the grandchildren sang and Susie also a did a special by herself. We sang the invitational song and was dismissed by Evelyn Harper.

The evening service started at 6:00 p.m. The congregation sang and Joe Lafferty preached from I John, chapter three. Everyone testified and we were dismissed by Ronnie Thomas.

We still need lots of rain. I’m still praying that it will.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Until next week, God bless.