Bethany Baptist

Darlene Sorensen was a volunteer Saturday at the Pioneer Heritage Festival of the Ozarks being held at Chapel Grove down on Highway 14 East of Ava. Darlene was working at the Youth Event Area overseeing some kid’s games. The early misting rain may have slowed a few things down, but it looked like attendance and participation were good.

Norma Stillings drove down to the festival after visiting at the Heart of a the Ozarks Healthcare Center.  She enjoyed seeing the different demonstrations going on, hearing the music, visiting with some friends, and eating some of the good food she found there. She especially enjoyed the smoked corn-on-the-cob that the Boy Scouts had at their booth.   

Our own little Johanna Powell won the prize for the best dressed infant in period costume. Of course we think that she would make any costume look good.

Since all those period dresses looked so good, we at Bethany Baptist Church decided to have our own “Old Fashioned” Day complete with “dinner on the grounds” Sunday, October 15. We in the Ozarks have a long heritage of church dinners, gospel music, and preaching. The speaker for the day will be Missionary Steven Childers. There will be a service at 1:00 p.m. after the dinner, and no evening service.

Darlene Sorensen sang the special song, Sunday morning. Pastor Robert Sorensen spoke on “Easy Living-Take Thine Ease” from Luke 12:16-21.

We like all the conveniences that make our lives more comfortable and easy, but the “fast food, drive-by, ready-made” lifestyle mentality has crept into our religious practices, where it leaves the participants spiritually bankrupt.

The Bible does not speak well of slothfulness and “taking thine ease.” It condemns those who can work, but who will not work when they have the opportunity. The “easy way” spiritually is called the “broad way that leads to destruction” in scripture. The way that pleases God is called a “narrow way” that requires diligence and much study. True repentance and faithfulness in service are part of a lifelong commitment to bring glory to God. That will not be done if your main goal in life is to “store up your goods” in order to sit back and “take thine ease.”