Ava Seventy Day Adventist

An Amazing Fact – A compass consists of a magnetic needle swinging freely on a pivot and pointing to magnetic north to help us find our direction. Did you know that in some parts of the world that there is as much as 25 degrees difference between magnetic north and true north? If your compass pointed only one half degree from true north it is not noticeable at a short distance, but after traveling 100 miles you would find yourself 4,609 feet or nearly a mile to the side of your intended destination. So, you can see how important it is that your compass is properly adjusted for the difference between magnetic north and true north.

We had a full Sabbath of blessings beginning with small groups studying the Bible in Sabbath School and then we came together for a short talk about exercise by Doug Downs NP.  Then Elder Ulrich led us in prayer and praise time and testimonies were shared. We are thankful that the Cruz family’s relatives in Puerto Rico are safe and were able to make it safely here to visit.

Pastor Terry Wolfe delivered the message for the worship hour entitled, “Out of Sight” based upon John 20:24-31.  He shared how “line of sight” is based on how far you have vision on an unobstructed level horizon.  He then elaborated how if we’re on a mountain we can see further and the reverse is true the lower you are positioned.

The old saying “Out of sight, out of mind.” is true. He explained how this is similar to the text in Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Pastor Wolfe gave three characteristics of those engaged in spiritual warfare – 1) doubt  2) denial  3) betrayal.  Who wins in this battle is up to me. May we allow nothing to interfere with our line of sight that we may see Jesus lifted up!

After the service we enjoyed a delicious fellowship meal and then we gathered for an Induction service for our newly formed Adventurer and Pathfinder clubs.  We are thankful for the Esquilla and Simon families who saw a need and have stepped up to lead our youth in these clubs.

An Induction ceremony is where participating youth are admitted into the local clubs and into the fellowship of the worldwide Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs.  In full uniform they publicly show their commitment to the principles and objectives of the clubs. Promises are made and principles are recited during this dedication service and all of us leave with a sense of commitment and purpose.

Phillip Sizemore, well known TV evangelist and pastor of the Springfield SDA church, was the guest speaker for the Induction ceremony.  He challenged the young people (and us older ones) to make sure we weren’t just going along with the majority or doing what we thought was good or right in our own eyes, but to make sure God’s word was our standard for right and wrong.

One Bible example Pastor Sizemore used was in 1 Chronicles 13 where David consulted with “all the congregation of Israel” and “the thing was right in the eyes of all the people” as they planned to bring the ark of God back to Israel.  You may remember how Uzza was struck dead as he reached out to stabilize the ark as it was being transported on a new cart.  Perhaps you wonder why God would be so particular when Uzza was doing what was “good” by keeping the ark from falling?

If you study this out you will see that they were violating strict rules pertaining to the ark which was the  embodiment of the presence of God.  These rules included how it was to be handled, who could see it and when.  You may remember that previously the “heathen” Philistines had the ark for a period of time (see 1 Samuel 5 and 6) and when they decided to return it they touched it and put it on a cart pulled by oxen turned lose to take it away and they weren’t struck dead. The difference is David and God’s people knew better.  They had the written word and were responsible for that knowledge.  So, even though they thought they were doing  something “good” they were not following God’s word.

We have God’s word and the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth.  Reformers burned at the stake because they held up the word of God above all else. May we through the grace of Christ align our lives with the word – our true north.  There are many things that can produce a spiritual magnetic north affecting the accuracy of our spiritual compass.  May we not allow our own reasoning or blindly accepting what we see, hear, or read as fact without checking to see if it is harmony with the word of God – our true compass.

The Community Services Center located on the church property is here to be of assistance and gives away clothing every Tuesday from 10:00 – 2:00.  In September, 106 people were served and 1098 items were given away. We appreciate your support enabling us to assist those in need.

If we can be of assistance to you, please contact the church at 683-5713, or Elder Eck Ulrich at 683-3343.  Check us out at www.avaadventistchurch.org and follow us on Facebook!

May God bless and keep you!