Ava General Baptist Church

Finally the fall weather has arrived.  It was such a beautiful day for Sunday worship. Romans 1:1-17 was our scripture reading this morning.  As Paul sent encouragement out to all of God’s people, he reminds us that we get our righteousness and faith through our Lord God.  As His children we are called to ask Jesus to live in our hearts, we are called to obey and serve the Lord and when it is our time, we will be called to Heaven.    As we live and walk this earth, our faith should be an encouragement and witness to others.  People should see our faith and know that only God can give faith to the righteous.   God gives us all gifts of the heart and spirit in order to serve Him.  Whether it is our gift to teach, witness,  preach,  sing in the choir, serve in church council or in administration or to be an encourager and mentor, it all comes from God.   Nothing is too small a gift, if it is given in love and faith by the Father.

Yes our choir has started practicing for Christmas everyone!!!   Please, please, please come join us on Sunday evenings at 5 p.m.   If you’re not sure about it, then pray about it and see where God leads you.  We always have such a good fellowship with each other and it really is a blessing.

Our FILLED kidz’s fall festival will be on Wed. Oct 25th from 6:30 p.m to 8:00 p.m.  All student pre-school to 6th grades are invited.  Our FILLED youth will be hosting the event.  It should be a great time and there will be pumpkin decorating and carving for all.

An important date we would like everyone to remember is Wednesday, Nov. 1st, when we will have missionaries visit our church at 7 p.m.  We are so excited to hear all about their mission experiences and their plan for discipleship all around the world.  Please feel welcome to come and hear.

Coming up soon on Nov. 5th, it will be time to set our clocks back one hour.  Yes, we’ll get that extra hour of sleep that Sunday morning.

Keep our prayer list in mind this week.  We have so many who are facing cancer treatments, hospital stays and homebound  people that have asked for our church to pray for them.  There is quite a list and please feel free to look us up on our facebook page or our website at avageneral.com to read all of our prayer concerns.  The faithful and hurting are counting on God’s people to pray for their healing,  guidance and wisdom no matter what the need.

As Bro. Oren said this week, stop and take a honest self-evaluation of how we relate to Jesus and how  we serve others.  Jesus Christ is the light, the truth and the way to the Father. What will we leave behind to show our Christian walk?   Will others know we are the righteous and see our faith as encouragement?  Don’t be lost in the dark.   Come visit us at Ava General Baptist and learn more about Jesus.  Our services are in the youth building next to the church office until our remodel is complete, but there is plenty of room.  God Bless.