“He stretched out the north over the empty place and hangeth the earth upon nothing,” Job 26:7.

Sympathy to the families of Joyce Driskell, Mary Lou Hodges and Zilla Graham Lambert.

A week or so ago Valerie Clayton’s son, Jason, and wife, Renee Robb from Maryland visited her and Louin a few days.

My youngest brother, Orville Clayton, and wife, Sandy from Illinois stayed the weekend after their vacation through the Dakotas and Colorado.

Saturday afternoon Ralph and Dana Brazeal hosted a birthday party for their grandson, Wyatt Wharton. Others guests were Ernest, Dara and Charlie Strong, Brayden Lansdown, Kim and Ashton Yeager, Zoe Shull and Annabelle Johnson, Zamber and Colt Little, Liviya Wharton, Howard and Ella Faye Mitchell and me.

On Sunday Orville and Sandy went visiting with relatives and friends.

Some memories are so precious because they are all that is left of the people of our past.

Have a great week. Remember everyone in your prayers.