“Surely God does not reject a blameless man or strengthen the hands of evildoers,” Job 8:20 NIV.

Sympathy to the families of Bernece Miller and Gary Welch.

Wednesday, Gary and I went to Springfield to see Dr. Cunningham, who did my back surgery. Everything is looking fine. He said I could do what I did before. So Gary doesn’t have to drive me anymore.

Sunday morning I left early to go to church at Theodosia. I stopped in and visited with Virginia Porter. After that I went to Vic and Jean Plante’s for a visit. After church I stopped in at the Lawerence’s and visited with Norma, Kenerd, Belinda and Brent.

Sunday afternoon Gary and I went to Ava to Ava Place to visit his mother, Maxine Turner. The Ava Place was having an ice cream social.

Keep everyone in your prayers and have a great week.