Another fall festival has come and gone – with a large crowd, including many using walkers, canes and wheelchairs. My son bought a special chair for me. He and my daughter Kris help me a lot. This golden age isn’t so bad after all! It’s so good to have my family near.

I enjoyed Sylvia Carson’s recent visit, although it was too short. She and I correspond, and it is a small world that she lives in North Pekin, Illinois, which was my mother’s birthplace.

What a treat from my good friend Jerry Miller: tomatoes that are tasty, as are the cucumbers, squash and okra she shares. We will be picking her green tomatoes soon. She has offered me some, and my daughter is going to help her. What a good neighbor!

Strong winds in Springfield did damage, but then had a beautiful rainbow. The temperature has been in the 90’s making for really hot days.

Maria is a hurricane affecting a wide area. I am wondering if we will get snow this winter as we didn’t get any last year. Maybe just a dusting that I can remember.

Marvin Looney won the quilt in the Friendly Neighbors Club’s quilt raffle. My stepmother, Ollie Sowards Crawford, was the grandmother of Marvin’s deceased wife, Delores.

My grandson Allen did weed-eating for me Monday, and my daughter Kris uses my riding mower and mows for me when she has time. She has been busy doing home healthcare. She is an RN.