Fall weather is here, and it’s jacket weather. It’s a favorite season of mine, and I am enjoying the fall colors and seeing all of the mums. The squirrels are busy gathering all the available nuts to store for winter. Walnuts are falling.

Jerry Miller’s nephew, Mark Dean from Memphis, Tennessee, spent three days here preparing for deer season, which is coming up in November. He will be returning then. I have enjoyed Jerry’s gifts of vegetables. What a blessing to have her for a neighbor.

My former daughter-in-law, Carole Ann Weiss, had a birthday Sept. 14 in New Cambria, Kansas.

Lyndon and Linaia Pitcock’s granddaughter Quinn Wright of Fair Grove had a Sept. 11 birthday. They were here Sunday to visit me and brought lunch.

My great-grandson, Gabe Hathcock, turned 18 on Sept. 24 in Rogers, Arkansas. He is the son of Tera Hensley and will be registering for the Marines.

Hurricane Irma has been such a disastrous storm, destroying everything in its path. So many lives have been affected.

As mentioned in my previous news items, my favorite beans were the cut shorts, not only as green beans but also with full-grown beans inside as they mature.

Dan and Lisa Davis Keller visited in the Kansas City area with Cindy Hensley over the weekend. Cindy has lived there several years.

I notice grass isn’t as green since we didn’t get the rain as heavy as others did. My stock pond has a rock bottom and is spring fed so my granddaughter Dana’s cows have good water.

My cousin Joyce May Ebrite Williams of Oklahoma City had her 92nd birthday recently. She is the daughter of George Ebrite, who always enjoyed Hootin’ an Hollarin’ as long as he lived. It was the highlight of his life to meet and greet old friends.

Para Lea Rea had visitors Dub and Mary Roark from West Plains Sunday.

I appreciate all of the prayers for my granddaughter Alexis as she was taken to Mercy Hospital by ambulance with tonsillitis. She has recovered well.

Hummingbirds are drinking all available sugar water, preparing for their long flight to Mexico for the winter. I have heard of them hitching a ride on the back of geese going south for the winter. How interesting!

How many older folks have difficulty getting accustomed to the newer ways of paying bills and corresponding other than with pencil? Handwriting is seldom practiced anymore, and some signatures are not recognizable. I wonder if this is a forgotten art as time goes on.

I agree with You’vah Shafer, our Daily Quill recipe contributor, that almost any vegetable can be pickled when prepared and seasoned properly.

Sympathy is expressed to the Ed Smith family during their loss. He will be missed.

It was good to hear Junior Sisney had successful knee surgery. Marcia Lyon also has our prayers for her knee surgery this week. Praying she recovers with successful results also. She has been such a great gardener as well as a hard worker in church.

I correspond with Dennis and Amy Galyardt in Loveland Colorado.