A friend, Addie Lee Lister, was 100 years old when she passed away in Prairie Village, Kansas, on Aug. 23. She was an active member of Gainesville chapter 432 Eastern Star and the Christian Church, and she helped organize Hootin’ An’ Hollarin’. We had kept in touch through the years. She passed away after a brief illness. She is survived by her son Terry and family.

Being a close friend of Helen Marie Ebrite Luna, they worked together in organizing Hootin’ An’ Hollarin’ activities like making sorghum, lye soap bars, costumes, organizing the queen contest and the musical shows that often featured the family of Don Sullivan and others.

I believe our readers would enjoy seeing photos and stories of the good old Hootin’ An’ Hollarin’ days on the Gaines-ville square. If you have some to share, send them to Sue Ann at the Ozark County Times (417-679-4641). Paralee Rea made a kettle of lye soap at Hootin’ An’ Hollarin’ in years past. One memory I have was helping my granddaughter, now Dana Davis Taylor, with her pet goat. It preferred its home in the pen, but ended up winning its category in the pet show. Dana now has her cows that she and Chet take care of. They also have special puppies that are high in demand as pets.

The estate sale of Jim Hicks is a reminder of Earlene and Jarrett Hicks’ marriage in October 1939, shortly after my marriage in June. Elvon and I had spent our honeymoon in West Plains June 10, staying in the arcade hotel and driving to Mammoth Springs, Arkansas, on Sunday. In October the Hicks spent their honeymoon there also. In those days West Plains was considered a distance. Earlene graduated from GHS  in my husband’s class in 1935 from GHS. They were close family friends through the years.

My daughters’ yard sale is over for the fall. My daughter Kris keeps busy mowing my yard.

Jerry Miller stopped by and I shared my garden relish that my daughter had given me. It is much in demand.