Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Upcoming Events:  Ladies wreath making Thursday, September 14 at 6:00 p.m.  Snacks too,  Sept. 17- ladies at church at 6:30 p.m. to practice songs.  Calvarymen Homecoming September 23rd.  Chelsie Jones has Children’s Church today.  We are now having “greeters” to pass out bulletins and greet those coming in.

Recent Prayer Requests:  Katie, Chase Jones, Luther Moore, Bill Robinson, Tammi Housley’s sister Tina (broken ankle), Hurricane Harvey and Irma victims, etc.   

Birthdays:  Shelby Moore, Marylin Marah.

Anniversary:  Sandy and Monte Housley.

The choir and Tammi, Sherry Dugger, Sherry Thompson, and Helen did specials.

  Thank you card from Katie, Joe, and Madeline for the nice baby shower on Saturday.

Grandparents Day Presentation:  Lois Putt had the kids present a nice card with a poem and candy bars to all grandparents.  Helen Batten gave a special Grandparent Award to Sharon Marler.  It had all the signatures of all the kids with a gift card.  She said, “Sharon may only have a couple grandchildren, but she is a grandmother to all kids at the church”.

Special music by Sherry Thompson. She said the Lord always knows best; he sees us and hears us.

Bro. Rick- he thanked the ladies for the baby shower for Katie; and all the young people in the church for serving the Lord.  His sermon was from Acts 22: 6.  People like what God has to say in the Bible:  the afterlife in Heaven, the angels, and all the good things.  But in Verse 22 there was no more tolerance from the Jews after Paul said the Gentiles could go to Heaven.  The Jews believed only they could go to Heaven.  Where do we draw our lines when it comes to forgiveness?  How many times should we forgive someone? The Bible says 7 times 7 times.  Why do people throw up a barrier between man and God?  Some perceive it will just take too much- they will need to attend church, read their Bibles, get rid of vices and habits, etc.  What is a soul worth?  God made eternity available for each of us.  Questions:  Call Bro. Rick Batten at 683-5657 or 417-250-0918.

Visitors are always welcome!