Mt. Tabor Church

  Church began with our pledges, singing and prayers for those in need. There are many on our list and each week we hear of someone else that is going through surgeries and hospital stays, help us pray for them. Several have lost their loved ones, also.

We send sympathy to Kathy (Hathcock) in the passing of her husband, Ed Koca, in Milo, Mo.

Brother Michael read from Matthew 24, which speaks of all the signs that we are seeing in the world today.   The message was to take every opportunity to witness to others for the glory of God.

Glad Brother Lyle Piland made it home safe from his trip to California, to visit brother, Doyle, and family.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown picked Jadon Lansdown up after school, Friday, then on Saturday they drove to Mt. Vernon. There they visited Jadon’s sister, Casey and David Guerin and girls. Jadon returned to his West Plains home, Sunday. While there, Ronnie and Pat joined the rest of the family, helping Kayley celebrate her 16th birthday.

Last week visitors of Jewell Elliott were Katelyn Pridemore and daughter, Addison, of Mtn. Grove.

Visitors with Harold and Kay Hutchison this past week were Danny and Kim Clements, Dylan and Daniel Moody.

Pat and Ronnie stopped on their way through Mansfield and visited brother, Paul Cox. They found him doing a little better, at this time.

Shaun, LeAnna and children enjoyed supper with Jewell Elliott, last Thursday evening.

Carla Aborn visited the Lansdowns,  Tuesday afternoon. Pat also stopped in to see sister, Jeanne Cox.

James Elliott stopped by Jewell’s Saturday. Jewell visited J.C. Hall and Vicky Burnett Tuesday evening.

MaKayla and Nora Elliott spent Monday with great-grandma, Jewell.