Mt. Tabor Church

As always, it was a blessed day to be in worship as we did our pledges, prayers and sang some songs. We were glad to have Ronda Hathcock Soto with us for Sunday school, and enjoyed her friends, Larry and Elda Bassham, from her church in Nixa. They also sang for our morning worship.

Brother Michael read from Proverbs 26:18-26, with a very unusual thought. When he said his sermon was about fire, and he began naming all the things fire did, it seemed a little different, until he got to the fire of the Holy Spirit. We missed Tanya, who had an injury to her foot and wasn’t able to be there, get better soon.

Several of Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock’s family gathered at the pavilion, after church Sunday, for a time of food, fun and reminiscing. Some from the church joined them, also.

Jewell Elliott had Sunday evening supper with Shaun, LeAnna and the children. James and Tammy Elliott were also guests.

Congratulations to MaKayla Elliott being chosen Student of the Month, a very special honor.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown, Kenneth and Carla Aborn were part of the large crowd attending the White River Electric meeting in Branson, Saturday. They reported having a wonderful day. Carla and Kenneth also joined them one evening to watch bull riding.

Nora Elliott spent Friday with Jewell Elliott. Kay Hutchison also visited the two of them.

Harold and Kay Hutchison stopped by and had a good visit with Jerry and Perry Pool and Roger, Saturday morning.

Kay Hutchison talked a little while with her cousin, Lula Dyer, from Springfield, Saturday.  She was here bringing some army memorabilia belonging to her husband, Don, to the museum. She also met Jerry Pool for a visit at a local eatery.