James and I attended the visitation for Eldon Hodges Sunday night at Clinkingbeard’s. Connie Siler and family attended as well. This was a week ago last Sunday.

I saw my first walking stick (insect) Monday morning, August 28. That’s always a good sign of Fall. And some of the leaves are turning and we are starting to have cooler weather. The frost bush is starting to turn red.

Sunday evening, Sept. 3rd before church John and Connie Siler, Amanda and Brad Evans and family, Brad and Patty Siler and daughters, David and Glenda Halcomb, James and Linda Orick and Daniel Stafford had cake and ice cream for Betty’s birthday which was August 30th.

Last week James and I visited Rex and Shirley Halcomb, Sybil Harvill and Junior and Betty Halcomb. Connie  and Betty have canned a lot this year. Their garden was late, but it produced very good and looks nice and green.

Gary and Dillon Morrison are getting ready for winter. A nice guy has took a lot of hay down the road. Their is a nip in the air, but it is nice compared to the oven heat we have had. The cool nights may make one turn on the propane stove.

Russ and Colton Jones, Mike and Trenton Massey and Brett Stevens went to Indiana on a coon hunt. It is a big event there. Thursday Rex and Shirley Halcomb visited James and I and brought me a birthday present . On Wednesday they visited Sybil Harvill and Junior and Betty Halcomb.

John and Connie Siler enjoyed being at Buck Creek to visit with the Siler family. This is an annual event.

Ed and Vickey and her sister, Traci Thompson went to Arizona to visit the Murray’s children, Vic and Tracie are Gordon and Lyn Halcomb’s children. I visited by phone with their other daughter, Shelley Parham. Her son has two rental homes in Florida that will probably be under water. But his job had moved him to Utah. Her grandkids are in Houston, but not in harms way.

We had good services Sunday at Garrison. Rev. Steve and Debbie Young sang a special and Melany Stevens sang a special. We had 37 in attendance.

Sunday James and I took fish to church for a fish fry: strippers, walleye, blue gill, white bass and crappie. We were glad Bob and Dee Hammons and the Youngs joined us. Bob didn’t have to sing for his supper, but we always loved to hear him sing.

Jerry and Sharon Mitchell’s great granddaughter, Jaden, had to have gall bladder surgery. Sharon said Tom Mitchell, Jerry’s nephew, who lives on T. Hwy. wasn’t doing very good. He needs prayer very much.

Always remember you are welcome at Garrison Church. Most all our country churches have plenty of seating room. Satan will keep you away and he uses the tongue to do it. Pick a church and forget about their troubles. The Bible says to assemble ourselves together. Our goal is heaven.