Good Thinking

Good Thinking
By Don Kuehle
Truth Is What It Is!
“I solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” We’ve heard these word often; we’ve said these words ourselves. We all want to know the truth. Yet, the question remains: “What is true?”
Mr. Webster defines truth this way: “Truth is that which corresponds perfectly to its referent.” In other words, something is “true” when it’s in line with, or in agreement with, that which is real.
GOD is real! Whether or not one believes in God, whether or not one acknowledges God as the Creator-Of-Life, God is the Ultimate Reality! God is the Source-of-all-Life”; apart from God, no one has a life! God is the Source-of-all-Truth; unless we are connected to God, we have no idea what is “true” or “real”, and we don’t have a clue about what life is all about.
TRUTH is…. What God says it is. God’s Word is true; from the dawn of creation until the last days, God’s truth remains the same. God, alone, sets the Standards for both “truth” and “life.” If one follows God’s Rules and obeys His Commandments, that person will know the truth and will be full of life
TRUTH is…. We all were created in God’s image; we are to grow up to be like Him. In the beginning, Adam and Eve knew their place – God was their “creator” and they were the “created ones.” They acknowledge God as their Lord and Master; they worshipped God as Ruler over all. They accepted this reality; they God’s authority as the truth; they lived well.
TRUTH is…. We are all sinners! Satan tempted Adam and Eve to disobey God’s Rules, to break God’s Laws, to defy God’s authority, and to ignore God’s truth.
TRUTH is…. God never created one sinner; we have each chosen to sin! Some are tempted by selfishness; we’d like for the world to revolve around us, instead of God. Other of us are tempted by money; we love money more than we love God. Some are tempted by power; we want to be in control of everyone and everything. Some are tempted by alcohol; they enjoy what it does for them. Others are tempted by sexual pleasures; they desire to experiment with whatever pleasures them most.
TRUTH is…. God never created one alcoholic; they chose to become alcoholic and addicts – that’s the sin! God never created one gay or lesbian person; they chose to become homosexual – and that’s the sin! Never once did God create a self-centered person; it was their choice – their sin! Not once did God create a person whose life was controlled by greed, pride, envy or jealousy, hatred or anger – it was a personal choice – and that was their sin! So you see, we are all sinners; we are all tempted to go against God’s Standards and to deny God’s Truth.
TRUTH is…. God’s Truth is, and never will be ”politically correct.” Nor will God’s Truth be determined by any Opinion Poll. The Truth remains what it is!
TRUTH is…. God can change sinners into saints! His Word is so powerful and enlightening that, if taken seriously, shows us the Truth about ourselves – we are sinners; we need to repent; we must ask God’s forgiveness and return to putting God at the center of our lives. Many alcoholics and addicts, with God’s help, no longer have that addiction. Many homosexuals, with God’s help, are now rejoicing in the straight life
TRUTH is…. Only the repentant and forgiven sinner will enter the Gates of Heaven! Unrepentant and unforgiven sinners will have to settle for Hell. As always, the choice is ours! For your sake, choose Truth, choose Life, choose God!
TRUTH is … Some of you will say that I’m “right on”; many of you will say that I’m biased, prejudiced, and out of touch with reality. Makes no difference what you might think of me – I’m most concerned about what God thinks of me!
Dr. Don Kuehle
United Methodist, Retired
Jackson, Mo.