Girdner Church

Sunday our church visited with the ones in the nursing home at Heart of the Ozarks. We had a room full of residents who were eager to hear the singing and have the scripture read and talked about. Some of the sweetest people live there and have a lot to share when you have the time to stop and listen. Some aren’t able to attend services and our prayers go out to them.

Sis. Bonnie is home from the hospital and is recovering from her surgery. We miss her and John, will be glad to have them back with us. Continue to remember her in prayer as she continues to heal.

Sis. Wilda is doing better, was good to hear her sweet voice in the singing Sunday, as well as, at the nursing home visit. I know she too would appreciate your prayers for her and Leon as they continue with treatments and dr. visits.

Bro. Jim and Sis. Maxine attended a wedding this last week out of town so they were missed Sunday. I was able to see some of her pictures, it was a beautiful wedding.

Bro. Robert Grisham and his wife Dorothy was with us Sunday and brought the message. Sunday evening they had some friends attend with them and shared some beautiful songs as well as him playing bass. It is always good to have visitors and appreciate their songs and sharing what God has done for them.

Bro. Robert’s message Sunday morning was from II Kings 5.  All about Naaman and him being told to dip in the Jordan seven times to heal him of his leprosy. But he was a proud man and felt this Elisha should have at least came out to see him, not send a messenger out, and there was surely a better places to do this at. As we read on in the scripture we see he did humble himself and did as the man of God had told him to do. We today, have to be humble and willing to do as God leads us to do, if we want the blessings he has waiting for us.

Bro. Robert shared once as a preacher  began to preach, he said, “I’m not going to cut you down, I’m just going to hoe around you so you will grow.” I’m thankful for all the good ministers we have, that will speak the truth and give us the messages God gives to them, just “hoe” around us, that we won’t be “cut down”, and that we will grow in the Lord and be ready when the next storm in our life comes our way, or be ready to meet the Lord should he call us home today. We don’t know the time or the day, but we do know it is coming to us all.

Everyone have a great week, enjoy the fall weather that is coming our way and the beauty God is giving us to enjoy!