Girdner Church

Lots of devastation this week in our news all around the world. Makes one feel very blessed and fortunate to live here in the Ozarks, safe from all the devastations.   Winky, Toby and I, actually had a trip planned and a cruise for Florida this last week. Very thankful all the cruise and flights were canceled in time for us to miss being in the middle of it. Not a “coincidence,” it was God’s protecting hand!

We have had a few from our church in the hospital this last week. Sis. Wilda has been in and was released Tuesday. Bro. Gary spent a few hrs. there and home now. I know these guys would all appreciate your prayers. We also have some who are going in for surgery this week and treatments and ask for your prayers for them. Many in our community have lost loved ones this week and we ask for prayers and comfort for them at this time too.

Our singing was Sunday evening with a good turn out. Our kids in the church are sure doing a good job sharing their talents and praising God. They sang for us, and we enjoy seeing them fill the front of the church as they get up. We always enjoy visitors and their songs are always appreciated. We had refreshments and fellowship afterwards and good visiting by all was enjoyed.

Sis. Maxine’s message was from Romans 1:18-22. Lots of things to think on after this message. Things I hadn’t thought about, her message got me thinking. She asked us, if we thought God would give those a second chance, forgive those who had served other God’s and hadn’t made a change before, they stood before him in judgment? Those who hadn’t been taught or had the word given to them. I guess in my mind, which is pretty small, I just always thought every man would be given the chance to hear the word before their time of death. Sis. Maxine brought out, we had the creation, and our conscience, to show us who God is. In the 20th verse it says they are without excuse. Light refused, increases darkness. However, Light obeyed, increases lightness! The more we seek after God, he will increase our desire for him and bring us closer to him and His light will be brighter for us each day. If we choose to walk away from him, or not choose to spend the time he deserves to have with us, the light will become dimmer and dimmer and we find ourselves in darkness.

Hope everyone can find time to spend with God in each day ahead. We have so many things to thank God for, He has been so good to us. We have so many praises to give him. We have so many family members, friends and neighbors who need a special touch from Him. We never know when they may breathe their last breath, and they will have no excuse. It is our place as children of God to lift them up before the Lord each day to touch their lives as only he can do. May each one find that peace that passeth all understanding, as only God can give. Also for the wisdom that God gave to Solomon. This has been my prayer for those I love, and I ask you all to join me in this prayer.