Sept. 1 – Well we certainly had an unusual August, weather wise. What will September bring. All of those affected by “Harvey” have a lot of work to do. Let’s keep them in our prayer.

I spent from Saturday until Wednesday with Patty’s family. She and Cannon share an August 28th birthday. Josh and Sandy had Cannon’s party Sunday evening. On Monday Patty and I went to Springfield and then came back through Nixa and ate out. She brought me home Wednesday and took me to Bev’s for a haircut before she went home.

Carol Wise and Riley O’Shea had supper Wednesday night with Ann Collins.

Bertha and Dean Scherer made a trip to Springfield on Wednesday. She had a checkup with her doctor.

Ann Collins came by a few minutes Thursday. She and Ada Beard had gotten perms at Bev’s. Lillie Jackson had gone with them and got a hair cut.

Not much news around Gentryville that I know.

I hear they are putting a new bridge on Fox Creek below Bertha, the old one has been out for some time.

Birthday greetings this month to: Hayden Snodgrass the 3rd, Jimmie Hurst the 4th, Bailee Snodgrass the 7th, Andy Daugherty the 8th, Cheryl Sartor the 10th, Karen Collins the 13th, Bonnie Hurst the 23rd, and my brother, J.W. Hurst the 28th.

Thought for the day: God sees a big picture that is beyond my range of vision.