Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Good morning, I have been watching and listening to the weather as I am sure a lot of you have. God has answered ours prayers and kept Florida from as much devastation as was at first predicted. I know it will still be a long process of clean up and property loss, but from the first time we heard it as possibly coming in as a class 5 with 15 feet waves I say God has let us know He is still in control. He does want us to pray and ask Him for His guidance and protection. That doesn’t mean things won’t happen, it means He will be with us when they do.

Last week, we had a baptizing and Crissie Coltrane was baptized. Also, a friend of hers came and talked to Jon and told him that she had been saved and wanted to be baptized so she was too. We always give Bibles afterwards and I happened to have an extra one in the truck, so we gave one to both girls. Remember both of them in your prayers.

We have several family and friends on our prayer list that we ask a special prayer for this week, you don’t have to know all their names. God knows who they are.

On a personal note, basketball season has started and our family and others have been having a great time watching the girls and boys play. I sure enjoy watching them play a good game when they play as a team and with good sportsmanship. It’s a special bonus when they come away with the win on top of that. So proud of my granddaughter and her friends.

I know that sometimes life gets busy, so here is reminder of things to come. We still have Wednesday night Bible study, Ladies Lift is the third Thursday night of each month at Mt. Olive (Highlonesome), and the singing will be at Eastern Gate this month the fourth Friday night. Hope you can make plans to come out and worship God with us.

Till next time, take care.