County Line

Last weeks news – Debra Reed of Kansas called me on Monday. Her grandkids has been there for a few days helping them cut wood.

Keith Breeding mowed my yard on Monday. I really appreciated it.

Michael Dodson and Bryse, Reece Goforth, and Megan Goforth visited with David and Donna Dodson on Monday. Megan helped Donna do some painting.

Donna and Bryse were here on Tuesday after school.

Melanie Breeding visited me on Wednesday.

Bryse went to church with Quin Breeding on Wednesday evening.

Donna and Reese visited me on Thursday and Donna came by on Friday.

Darrell Gunter did some more work for me this week. He got the kitchen done.

Keith and Melanie Breeding and Macee attended the football game in Cabool Thursday night to watch Quin play. They went to the football game at Mtn. View Friday night. Megan was cheering.

Chase Dodson visited with David and Donna on Saturday. He also visited with Michael Saturday evening.

Michael and Bryse went to Willow Springs on Saturday and did some fishing.

Donna took me to get groceries on Saturday.

Bryse Dodson attended church with David and Donna Sunday evening.

I hope my sister Juanita Kazenske who lives in Illinois gets to feeling better. She is having some tests done.

Danny Bushong attended the baby shower for his soon to be born granddaughter, Laken Grace Bushong, in Mtn. Grove on Sunday evening.

This Weeks News – I send my sympathy to the families of Ray Walker, Joyce Driskell, Bentley Walker and Lavern Miller.

Donna Dodson and Bryse Dodson were here on Monday. They helped me put some things back up on the walls so my kitchen is done. Darrell Gunter did a very good job.

Bryse Dodson went to the volleyball game in Ava one evening.

Donna, Bryse, Michael Dodson, Keith and Melanie Breeding, Megan and Macee, Kenny Breeding, and Heather Breeding all went to watch Quin and the seventh grade play football in Ava on Thursday evening.

David and Donna Dodson went to Springfield on Thursday for him to see a surgeon for his shoulder. They will do repair surgery in October.

Diana and Butch David visited me on Friday afternoon. They were going to watch the homecoming parade in Ava.

Debra Reed of Kansas called me on Friday.

Donna attended the homecoming parade and attended the game Friday night. She wanted to watch Megan Goforth cheer. Michael and Bryse Dodson, Keith and Melanie Breeding, Quin and Macee also went.

Donna, Megan and Macee took me to get groceries Saturday afternoon.

Max and Kathy Stephens, Lana Stephens and Jane Call visited with Jo and John Stephens on Sunday.

Happy Birthday in September to Diana Pool Rogers the 4th, Juanita Kazenske the 17th, and Grant Kearn the 27th. I wish them many more.