Breedon News

We had a pretty good crowd in spite of the colds and flu.

We began with an opening song. Evelyn Harper gave the opening prayer. Our lesson is still in II Kings, chapter six. Darryl Hampton took up the morning offering. Clara Lafferty said the offering prayer. Joe read Psalms 24, to open Sunday school. We had congregational singing. David Williams and Sue Sisco played and Wilma Hampton and Sue and David did a special. Joe Lafferty’s sermon was in Col., chapter two. He prayed after the reading of the word. The closing prayer was given by Ronnie Thomas. We sang our closing song.

The evening service started at six. We sang several songs and Sue and David played. Joe Lafferty preached the sixth chapter of Ephesians and preached on it. We had a short testimony after the reading of the word. We were dismissed by Ronnie Thomas. We are still praying for rain, we really need it. We are still trying to get rid of sinus and runny noses. Joe and I are finally getting rid of allergies and headaches.

Last Sunday Joe and I both were sick. It’s been a lot of years since we missed church because we were too sick. We didn’t want to give it to anyone else.

We hope everyone had good church services. Well, I’ll shut up and close.