“Should a wise man utter vain knowledge and fill his belly with the east wind?” Job 15:2.

My sympathy to the Dean Lane family and the Garnett Kelly family.

I saw Madeline Brown the other day. She looks good for someone who is going through cancer treatments.

I saw another cousin the same day, Nikki Goodman. She had taken the two boys to the dentist. The last time I saw her she was still in school.

If you can’t be thankful for what you receive at least be thankful for what you escape.

Have a great week.

Have you ever went to Camp Piland?

The first time I went to Camp Piland was when I was 10, because back then that was when a child got to go to camp. The camp started on Monday and we left on Saturday. We were some of the first ones to stay in the new buildings.

For years, Will and Clara Havens were in charge of the camp. I for one was saved there like so many that have become preachers and pastors. It changed lives.

On January 26, 1952, five acres of land was given by Will and Minnie Piland for Camp Piland. (1952 minutes p.9).

In 1954, three associations – White River, Little Vine and Missouri, talked about getting the buildings made where they could share the grounds for camps. (minutes p. 16).

In July 1956 the Mt. Lebanon school house was purchased from Minnie Piland for  the boys dormitory (1957 minutes p. 13). This building was torn down a few years ago. The girls’ building, which is where the boys stay now was started in 1955.

The last association that was at a church was in 1957 at Brushy Knob.

I think they still had the Missouri Association in a tent in 1959 because they paid $75 for the care and $10 for insurance and the Missouri Association voted to have the meeting in 1960 at Camp Piland instead of going to one of the churches.

Most children that go to camp for a few days are changed a little, sometimes a lot. This is the only time some of these children are around Christians and hear God’s words. This is a mission field. It is in need of repairs. The auditorium and all the restrooms need improvements. We need your help to get these improvements done so children can keep coming and hearing God’s words. Please pray about these things.