Red Bud News

A good morning to all our friends, neighbors and our readers. We hope you all had a safe and good week and stayed dry with all the rain we had over the weekend.

We send get-well wishes to all the sick, the ones in the hospitals and the nursing homes. We hope you will be up and about real soon.

Our sympathy to all who have lost a loved one. May God bless you in your time of sorrow. Our thoughts are with you.

Our hats are off to the ones who have shared their produce with us. May God richly bless you for sharing.

Several people attended and enjoyed the Skyline Picnic on Friday and Saturday night. The band did a good job entertaining the people there. The children enjoyed the kids’ games and the cake walk. With my granddaughter, Ralissa Watkins’ help, I, Norma, was able to attend both nights as she drove there and back. That was a lot of extra driving for her as she lives at Skyline not far from the school. It was good to visit and see the friends we hadn’t seen for a while.

No news turned in this week so will sign off for now and say have a good week, stay safe, happy and healthy.

Jesus loves you.