Quad Cities

8-18-17. Appointments, appointments, appointments. We are sure getting tired of them, but have to go if we want to get anything done. It won’t sound near as bad when I write it down, but to us “old folks” it seems like a lot. Gee, I used to work six days a week, go to school five days a week and go square dancing three nights a week at three different places. No wonder my arches hurt so bad at night. I put them against the foot board on the bed and pressed to try to get them to quit. And it was a good weight-loss routine, but Kathrine Day and I needed to gain not lose. I ran all the time too, to get to school and work on time. Well, I did survive and I guess maybe it was good for me, but I sure couldn’t do it now or even attempt to try. At least I’ve got all kinds of stories to tell my grandkids about when I was young, if I ever get around to it. I may just write it all down, so they can read it some day. We thought we were having fun, didn’t we Kay? We used to go to a big place in Springfield, Mo. where they had square dancing and round dancing the same night  and that was fun too. But it’s all just memories now. So far this month we met Berta, Denny and Dee for breakfast in Tipton (that was good). We went to Bettendorf to meet Walt’s surgeon and talk about his eye surgery, get a script filled for drops for his eye and they gave us drops to bring and stopped by the other place on the way to surgery on Wednesday to get more drops to bring. They left him sitting in a big chair for hours before they took him back to surgery and that took longer than usual because the cataracts were so bad. Then of course the recovery. We finally made it back home and we’ve got six or seven different drops to put in his eye and at different times of the day.

I went to the Endoctrine Clinic and then had to go get more blood work done here in Tipton. I was suppose to go back to Endoctrine, but had to reschedule because I was sick, then his surgery the 16th and Anita took us again, then a checkup the 17th and Trevis and Kay took us to that and Berta and Denny met us there to see how Walt was doing. We had Candi call the D.M.V. in Illinois to see whether Walt’s driver’s license has expired and it is, which is a big blow, because of all these appointments coming up. Candi, Jarred and Bane are going to come and get us in the morning (Saturday) and take us to breakfast here in Tipton and we’ll have them take us to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. Then I don’t know what we’ll do after that. He has another appointment on the 22nd to get things started on his left eye and I have another appointment at Endoctrine the 23rd. Then he has an appointment the 29th in Iowa City to get his ears checked for hearing aides, then surgery on his left eye Sept. 6th then back to Bettendorf the 7th and again the 12th for checkup and to the Illinois Quad Cities to try to get his license renewed. But with God’s help and a few good friends and relatives and hopefully some help from angels we’ll get it all done. We may have to call on some neighbors for help too. At least two of them have offered to help. We want to try to get it all caught up before cold weather and snow and ice get here.

Our little hummingbirds have really been drinking their water every time I look out the kitchen window they’re either there drinking or coming or going. We’re putting bird seed on the kitchen window ledge and the squirrels, cardinals and sparrows are really going after that and a feeder full hanging from a hook.

I miss the little hummers when they go, but I know they can’t stay. I enjoy watching those shows on television about Alaska, but I sure wouldn’t want to live that way again. I don’t think we lived quite that bad and I’m sure it wasn’t quite that cold as it is in Alaskan winters. Most of them don’t have running water, electricity or any conveniences.

Well, Gee I’ve probably missed the mail (Walt just said I did), but I guess it will get to the Douglas County Herald some time. I apologize for that. I sure am thankful for all the help we’ve been getting. One thing that worries me is Walt says he can’t see any better with his right eye. Maybe it’s from all the drops.

“I trust you Jesus” and I believe in angels. Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.