Quad Cities

8-9-17. Dear Friends, family and people I don’t even know. We’re having some nice cool weather. There’s been storms and flooding up north of us.

I was suppose to go back to the doctor in Bettendorf, Iowa, but I didn’t feel like going. We measured the mileage from here and it was 105 miles round trip. We also planned to go to the Quad Cities Area and then come back by the clinic on our way home, so we had to reschedule our plans.

Last Friday morning Berta, Denny and Dee met us at the family restaurant here in Tipton for breakfast. That was to celebrate Walt’s birthday which was Sunday the sixth. Berta had to work that day so they came on Friday instead. As usual, We had a great visit with them. Dee gets the Herald so I will tell him about the mystery ticks Walt was seeing. First he said there was one on the television tray table he eats on. He said he took it in the bathroom and flushed it down. Then the next time he was eating there he came and told me he saw another one and wanted me to come and see it. He said he killed it so I looked where he pointed and there was a little piece of food mashed flat. So that’s the mystery of the ticks. He always says he can see good and doesn’t need eye surgery. Ha! God love him. He was blaming in on a dog the people have in another building and it’s a little short haired chihuahua.

Well, grandson, Jared, and his wife, Carrie, rode their bikes clear across the state and Anita drove the camper. There’s people riding in that from all fifty states and eighteen counties.

Walt got several cards and phone calls for his birthday. He needs to renew his driver license, but can’t until after his eye surgeries, so we need to find out how long the grace period is.

Well, I thought I had something to write about, but if I did I can’t remember what it was. I’ll remember after I mail this. So hello to all I know who reads this.

I trust you Jesus and I believe in angels. Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

I did want to say that Norma “Cookie” Cook-Pierce passed away. She lived in East Moline and was a former classmate of mine. She was a nice lady.