Hope all my readers are doing well. We’ve had some good rains, but the heat is bad at times, but so far good August weather.

Rev. Jeremy Gilbert brought the weekend messages. Melany Stevens sang a special as did Lisa Ellison and I. Hailey Roberts and Clarissa Massey gave birthday offerings. I believe theirs is the same day. Gordon and Zelda Jones gave an anniversary offering. They celebrated 60 years. All birthday and anniversary offerings go to the Children’s Home. Hailey and Clarissa took up the morning offering. We had 54 present and we extend a big welcome to join us at any or all services at Garrison Church.

James is letting our deacons get someone to fill in for him until his tongue heals. He had got a long pretty good.

John and Connie Siler enjoyed granddaughter, Ameris Siler, last week. She started to school this week.

Sympathy sent to the Siler family, John’s aunt passed away.

Loretta Nelson visited us on Sunday, a week ago. We enjoyed her. I visited by phone with her sister, Juanita Powell. We all can’t believe how old we are.

Gordon and Zelda Jones celebrated their 60th anniversary at Garrison Church Saturday. They were married there and raised their children at Garrison and always attended the church in their community. They have three children, Brenda Herd, Tammy Payne and Russ Jones. They had it decorated nice in the fellowship room and they received nice gifts. A large crowd of friends and family attended. They also served some very good food.

All you hear about is the eclipse. If people would wonder where they will spend eternity that’s more important than the eclipse. That is God’s creation, but some will come up with out of this world reasons as to why God has no part. I don’t think man has any business in the planets wandering around. If God wanted us to know He would of made a way. People need to get back to believing in God and we would not see all the mess we see on television. Now they are starting to put  chips in people’s hands to scan. Wake up! People are looking up to view the eclipse. We will look up when God comes back.

James and I visited a few minutes with Junior and Betty Halcomb Friday.

Tony Rains, Jr. and family have moved to Jim and Linda Anderson’s place on UU Highway. He was at church Sunday with his mom and step-dad from Bolivar. Tony said he likes it and he has a place out back for his hunting dog. They have been a few hunting dogs there over the years. Jim use to coon hunt a lot. Lots of water has went under the bridge since then.

Leonard (Red) Coffee is able to be back fishing. He spent some time in the hospital and stayed a while with his daughter and husband, Sharon and Tom Rains. It’s good he is able to be back fishing. I heard he gave up coon hunting. He did a lot of that too. Several coon hunters have gave it up due to age. The hills get harder to climb.

Sympathy to the Kelly family. Garnett was well liked, My dad always enjoyed visiting with him. He always had time to sit and chit chat. He also had an unique smile and his eyes – you could tell he was not a put on. What’s a put on? Someone who smiles at you and they don’t really mean it. Last time James and I visited with him was at the Ava Sale Barn as we watched the cattle sale. Lyle Clinkingbeard and Garnett were two people that were pleasant people to be around. They were down to earth and home grown.