Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home. We have had a very good week here at Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center.

We have some wonderful singers in our home, Leann Crum and Glen Dale Robertson has played several times this month, and we so enjoy the music. Sometimes we have had two activities going on at the same time. Bingo is one of those activities the residents love to play. We had a huge crowd at our movie and popcorn time, and Bible study and church groups are popular.

Last week our nursing home was blessed by the Kiwanis and Project Graduation. Glenda and Logan Little came up and fixed funnel cakes for the residents, family members and staff while Project Graduation was here fixing snow cones for everyone. The day turned out beautiful enough for our residents to be outside enjoying the weather.

Julie and Rachel Taylor set up in the gazebo and fixed lots of snow cones. Glenda and Logan had a newbie in the food wagon with them (yours truly, Connie).  Funnel cakes are worth more than five dollars! Man that is one hot job! We appreciate the Kiwanis for serving our community and our home.   

Our prayers and sympathy go out to the family of Lloyd Brown.

Congratulations to Melvin Thornburn on getting to go home this week .

Have a good week from Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center or a lot of people know us as HOTO. We are blessed by our community. Be nice to someone this week.