Girdner Church

Sitting here today with the window open, listening to the slow fall of rain. My favorite kind of day!

God gives us such great blessings, just to hear the rain fall and the fresh smell is a true joy to me.

I have a few praises to share this morning. My niece that had been going to Texas, Sharolette, has been able to go back to school as a teacher. She is very thankful for this, and I am sure her kids will be glad to have her back. My niece Barb, got a good report when she went to her dr. in St. Louis. I appreciate you all for the prayers, please continue to remember Barb as she continues with her treatments. We have others in our church who are continuing on with dr. appointments, and treatments and who need our prayers. Others in the community as well. Seems like I say this every week, but as long as we are here in this world, I believe we will have these struggles. Sure is great when we can feel those prayers being prayed for us when were facing them.

Our grandson, Dustin, got all moved in Sat. at Crowder College. His daddy helped him move down. I think it was a little harder on dad than he thought it would be to leave him. Talked with him Sunday evening and he said he had a good roommate, and that means a lot. Remember him in prayer and all our kids that have gone on to college and are starting this new journey.

We had a great service Sunday morning. Bro. Sam Evans and a friend from the Philippians came and shared what they are doing there to help those in that country. I believe Sam said he had been there for 17 years now. That is for sure giving of yourself to serve others. As his friend spoke you could tell he was so appreciated by all those he helped there. He also is one of the founders of the Reach program. If you have some time and you would like to have them at your church to share their ministry, I believe you would enjoy what they have to share.

Sunday evening Bro. Jimmy, Charlee and Maggie sang a couple songs with Monte joining in. Then Sis. Leslie got all the youth up and sang one. Sis. Tilly and Gage sang a song as well. We all enjoy and appreciate all our singers, and for those who work with the young ones to teach them all these songs.

Sis. Maxine’s message Sunday evening was from Mark 1:37-45, Jesus heals a leper. She said in the beginning it was about someone who had a new hope, a new way of living, and a change took place when Jesus came into their life. Sounds just like what happens when Jesus comes into our lives! He makes a change in our way of thinking and our wants and things we think, say and do. I am sure you all have read this scripture before, as have I. However, Sis. Maxine sure brought this out so well. I had never thought about this leper as maybe having a family, and having to leave them behind as lepers had to do, and be shunned by all. To cry out “unclean, unclean” when someone came close to them. What an awful feeling that would be. This leper came to Jesus and said, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean. Jesus had such compassion on him, and touched him and said,” I will, be thou clean”

What a wonderful feeling this leper felt that day! Jesus does the same today. All we need is to ask him.

Please, remember our church family when you pray, we have some who need a special touch from God.  As Sis. Maxine said, the best advertisement we can have for Jesus is a changed life. Lets be that changed life this week and let those around us see his light in us.