Caney News

August 12- Sunday school opened with congregational singing. Bro. Jack Essary welcomed everyone. He took prayer requests and praise reports. Bro. Jim Lafferty led in prayer. Jack read Romans 10:9-15 for our devotion, God’s plan of salvation. We need preachers to make sure to bring out this message.

After a good Sunday school lesson we sang Happy Birthday to Dylan Rogers. God bless him. Testimonies were given by Jim Lafferty, Jeff Shipley, Janice Lafferty, Kelli Clemans and Jill Loomis. Service continued with congregational singing. Melissa Harmon and Melba Austin did special singing. Bro. Jack Essary brought our morning message. His scripture was Hebrews 11:1-14 and II Chronicles 4:16-19. Without hope we have nothing. We can depend on nothing, but God. He will supply our needs if we follow God and seek His will. Nothing is too hard for God. Trust Him. It was a great message from the Lord.

Pastor Bill Austin began the evening service by taking prayer requests and praise reports. Sis. Lila Roberts led in prayer. Testimonies were given by Jack Essary, Janice Lafferty and Hi Lambeth. Bro. Jim Lafferty was the speaker Sunday evening. He scripture from II Peter 2:1. Make sure you are ready to meet God. Make sure your words are true. Make sure your witness is true. God has the power to cast people into hell. He can and will bring punishment. Ask God for forgiveness and follow His ways today. It was a thought provoking message.

Come worship with us at Caney. You are always welcome.