Breedon Church News

8-20-17. Pastor Joe Lafferty was sick so Lee Hampton opened the service reading Psalm 100. Bill Harper led prayer and we were dismissed to classes.

The adult class read and discussed I Kings 20 and 21. The elementary class learned how God provided water in the wilderness.

After congregational singing Jacelyn Terry sang with Grandma Sue’s help.

Lee Hampton prayed for the service then read John 14:1-14 and the 23rd Psalms. Ask anything in Jesus’ name and He will supply our needs. God is always available for us to call on, even when our lives get into turmoil. He restores our souls and calms our lives from the turmoil; If only we will ask in Jesus name.

We have a Shepherd to call on at all times and we can dwell in the house of the Lord forever. John 14:13-21.

We should always be ready for the Lord to come.

Lee offered prayer at the altar and closed the service.