Bethany Baptist Church

Some of the Bethany Baptist Church members traveled to central Missouri Monday to see the full eclipse. Others were content to see what it looked like from our locations here in Ava. It really was quite an experience to see the very gradual darkening that occurred right at noon.

Pastor Bob and Darlene Sorensen and Sally returned from a short vacation visiting with family and friends in Dakota City, Nebraska, Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, and Sioux City, Iowa.

And this week Sally is off to Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida for her senior year in Advertising and Marketing.

Norma Stillings had a really big day, Saturday. After she finished playing the piano and visiting with residents at Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center, she went over to the Open House at the museum. She met her cousin, Gail Mitchell, there and they went to the quilt show at the Art Guild. After looking at the fine quilts on display there, they took time for lunch. When they got back to the museum, they heard Bevy Moore sing her closing songs. It was hard to get everything done in just so short a time. Norma and Gail did manage to have quite a good visit.

Alan Stillings drove his grandmother, Norma, to Springfield, Saturday evening for dinner at the home of Don and Jodi Stillings. Cliff and Debra Bohnstedt, Tom Stillings, and Joyce Greenwood were there also. They enjoyed some excellent ribs and roasted chicken and managed to play a game of croquet afterward. It had probably been 20 to 40 years since some of them had played that game, but it was fun.

We at Bethany Baptist Church praise the Lord that we have had visitors coming quite often lately.

The ladies will be having their Bible study, Friday, at 1:00 at the church. We are studying the book of James.

Darlene Sorensen, Sally Sorensen, and Norma Stillings sang a special song accompanying themselves with a Mandolin and Autoharp. Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message on “What to do when your world comes crashing in.”     

The impulse might be to run, but if you trust in the Lord, putting on the whole armor of God, and praying always, you can stand firm. There will be pressures to abandon the faith. That is always going to happen, so prepare. Acknowledge God in all your ways both public and private. Depart from evil and fear God. There will be problems, but remember that God only allows those things for your good to make you stronger in faith and obedience. God has a plan. So when troubles come, don’t run.