“Give us day by day our daily bread,” Luke 11:3.

I truly appreciate everyone that has kept me in their prayers. You will never know how it touched me.

Last month, Bailey Sears and son, Bentley, and Mitch Stokes spent a week with Bailey’s grandparents, Eddie and Linda Sears.

Be careful about those ticks. Our daughter, Honie, got Rocky Mountain Tick Fever. It has made her weak all over.

Two weeks ago we went to Springfield so Gary could see about getting hearing aids. While there he got a call that said his mother, Maxine Turner, was taken to Mercy Hospital. His mother got back to the Ava Place Tuesday after being in the hospital six days.

Tuesday night we had to go to the Mercy Hospital and pick up Honie. She was dehydrated. I guess it was caused by the tick bite.

Gary and I went to Mountain Grove Friday for my cousin, Ronnie Clayton’s funeral. He was 60 years old with a bad heart, muscular dystrophy, COPD, CHF and diabetes. His mother, Lora, was too ill to go so we went by and visited with her. While we were there, Floyd Clayton brought his mother, Lois, to visit also.

My brother, Wilford Clayton, has been ill and lost 40 pounds.

Celebrating Saturday evening at Ralph and Dana Brazeal’s home for the fourth were Zamber and Colt Little, Wyatt and Liviya Wharton, Steven and Annabelle Johnson, Tiffanee Satterfield and Zoe Shull, Ernest and Dara Strong, Billie Satterfield and Dana Smith, Howard Strong and Tarrah Goforth, Cody, Hannah and Charleigh Strong, Howard and Ella Faye Mitchell, Wilford, Lisa, Trisha and Willow Clayton, Parker Cook, Dakota Wade, Shawna and Cadence Baugher, Bailey Strong and Braydon Lansdown, Ted and Linda Bischoff and Gary and myself for a good cookout.

Hope everyone had a good week.