We lost a long-time Tecumseh native, T.J. White, on July 20. He grew up here with my son, Marlon. They gave us lots of exciting times that kept us on our toes. One incident in my memory was when our domino games were interrupted the night we were visiting in his parents’ home. His dad, Troy, slipped out of the room appearing later wrapped with a sheet around him. From that moment on, the two scared boys quietly sat on the floor with no more interruptions.

Did I mention that cherries are helpful when arthritis overtakes us?

Wanda Boling has surgery Wednesday.

Jerry Miller’s son Larry in Memphis, Tennessee, has his 56th birthday this week and looks forward to coming to a visit with his mom. Jerry has a garden growing and promises I will benefit from her vegetable supply.

I appreciate Kris Luebbert for getting my yard done this week.

Paralee Rea and friend Janice Hammon from Clarkridge, Arkansas, went to the Dub and Mary Roark family (Green Corn Gathering) in West Plains Saturday.

Gainesville chapter 432 Order of the Eastern Star had their Monday night meeting for the month.

My cousin Mary Hagler from Forsyth and I had a nice phone conversation. She is the daughter of Willie and Chloe Hillhouse, formerly of Hardenville. She lives close to my son Marlon at Forsyth.

Hello to my good friend Alene Herd of Miller. I appreciate the nice things she sent me for my birthday. They were appreciated.