We are all so thankful for our group #9720. We really have a great time. We are getting to know each other more every day, so we can help each other too. We’ve weighed, turned in food charts and paid dues. We did our Welcome and Pledges. Our weekly high loser was Valerie.Judy won the menu drawing. The monthly best losers are as follows: K.O.P.S. Awards for April – Patty and Judy; perfect attendance awards – Barbara; special K.O.P.S. awards – Audry, emerald – 15 years, Margert B., ruby – 5 years; weigh-in loss after a holiday – Valerie and Patty. The time was turned over to Holly for a lesson on Heartburn Hotel. The seven alarm countdown to avoiding heartburn. Stay upright, Avoid lying down right after a meal. Plan your meals. Space out your calories rather than eating a lot at once. Sleep smart. Elevate the head of the bed or use extra pillows. Lose weight. Start by aiming for 5-7 percent of your current weight. See the real life guide. Alleviate abdominal pressure. Try wearing loose fitting clothing around your waist. Medicate. Ask a licensed healthcare profession about over-the-counter and prescription options. Choose your foods. Foods that can trigger acid reflux include: alcohol, coffee, chocolate, high-fat or fried meals, tomatoes and spicy foods. We appreciate Holly for a great lesson. You’re great!

I read the minutes from last week. We discussed new business: Open House will be August 5th at the gazebo downtown, time is at 8 a.m.

Contests are on-going. We had our Circle of Friends.

Remember to take off pounds sensibly.

Until next week, have a great summer and don’t forget your water, eight glasses a day!