It sure was good to have Venita  Brummet back in church Sunday morning after having to miss several Sundays with her eye injury.

We opened the service with banjo music and accompaniments of guitar, bass and piano. Prayer request were given and prayer.

Claude Robertson led us in a beautiful song, then we did some hymns.

Brother Roberts brought the message from Hebrews 12: 1-2, 13, ” Cheering Others On.”

Our scripture challenge this week is 1Samuel 21-27.

We have been staying pretty close to the air conditioning the past few days . Still enjoying fresh garden veggies from Delmar’s garden. He said that the bugs are eating on some of the tomatoes. The cantaloupe and watermelon vines have little melons coming on so hopefully, we will have fresh melons later.

The corn, tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers have been tasting really good.

One day we visited with Jack and Barbara Breshears and another day we went to Seymour and visited with Howard and Donna Morris.

Our grandson, Maeson Carter came down from Nixa last week and stayed a couple of days with us.

On Friday, Shawn, Summer, Caidence and Conner Johnson came to visit and Caidence helped me make little peach pies.

Others visiting us this week were Donna Bannister, Bevy Moore, Rusty and Becky Carter, Beth Stafford and Rodney Logan.

I have been busy making little dresses for some of the great granddaughters to wear to school. I used to make all my girls’ clothes and all of mine but just kinda got out of the habit of sewing much for people.

Until next week just remember Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.