Quad Cities

6-29-17. Well we survived the storms last night, thank God. There were quite a few tornadoes that had touched down in our county which is Cedar County and counties that bordered us. Lots of damage in those places. We were under all kinds of watches and warnings. I stayed up about all night in case we had to go the the bathtub. Ha!

My long time friend Kathye Clark lives in Jones County, right above Cedar County, and we heard on the television where a tornado touched down in the town where she lives, which is a small town named Oxford Junction, so we are really worried about her. I sent her a message to find out if she was okay and she was in the basement with her dog and cat. She said the tornado siren was blaring and the pets really got excited. She said she thought the tornado went right over her house. It touched down just to the north I think.

My goodness, we have made two trips to Muscatine for Walt to see the eye doctor, then the surgeon and he wouldn’t do the surgery because the cataracts were too bad so he sent him to Bettendorf to the clinic he works out of to see the surgeon there that does the hard surgeries, like Walt would have to have. She’s really nice and said she would do his right eye on August 16 at a place close to there in Davenport. Then we have to see her again the next day and get some medicine in Silvis, IL. Then on Sept. 6 she will do his left eye at the same place and probably go back the next day. We have to go to his army doctor and get a complete physical before the first surgery. And we have to go to the Quad Cities next week for him to take his driving test. All the doctors told him he won’t pass it until after he gets his eyes fixed. His birthday is August 6, so I don’t remember how long before or after he’s got to take it. He’s going to try to take it when we go next week if they’ll let him. Thank goodness for daughter, Anita. She took us up there yesterday and did an excellent job of driving in all the traffic and finding the places. Walt just kept on saying what a good driver she is and he’s hoping she will take us to his surgery. He was planning on paying her $22 for taking us and I told him she wouldn’t take it and of course, she wouldn’t. She finally agreed to let him buy her lunch then when we got back her car had only used a fourth of a tank of gas and he talked her into letting him fill it back up. We are so thankful for her and it took a big load off our mind. Somewhere we have to get time for Walt to get a hearing test and get hearing aids. The doctors said if he doesn’t he will go deaf and if he doesn’t get the cataracts removed, he’ll go blind. The doctor was talking loud so he could hear him and Walt said, “I’ll be 87 in August,” and the doctor said, “Well you still want to see and hear don’t you?” It was funny the way he said it and if that wasn’t enough, we made two trips into Lujack’s in Davenport to get the car serviced. They had a recall on our car for the undercoating and they did that while they changed the oil and something else they did on the recall, but I can’t remember what that was. So it didn’t cost anything for either one because of the recall. We also had them order four new tires for us and then we had to go back and get them put on. They always check everything on the car and tell us what it needs.

Walt can get his hearing test free there at the clinic where we went yesterday because he has a doctor there. My doctor is there to that did my glaucoma surgery so I may get my hearing checked too. Last time I had it checked, was early seventies when I went to work at the Rock Island Arsenal. It’s been a while. I don’t think I need it, but Walt didn’t think he did either.

I hope we can squeeze time in there somewhere to take me to Muscatine to my chiropractor. I haven’t been there for a lng time and my back really reminds me and then something new has come up for me with my low calcium. I got a shot for it and started drinking unsweetened almond milk with 50% calcium and taking tums. So the doctor wants to send me to a specialist in Davenport to try to find out what’s going on. The nurse is suppose to make an appointment for me then call and let me know when it is so I’m waiting to hear from her about that. I think it’s safe to say we’re running in circles. I’m surprised we’re not getting dizzy. Ha!

We got a call from Walt’s daughter-in-law. We hadn’t heard from her for quite a while. She said she had been calling and couldn’t get us. She lives in Rock Island, IL. and said she was about ready to head out here to see if we were okay. We’re suppose to meet her for lunch when we go up there next week.

I also go a call from my longest best friend from school days, (Kathrine Day) Kay Applegate in VanCouver, Washington. I had been meaning to call her to see if she was okay. I always mean to, but usually don’t, anyway, she had been in the hospital for a week or two and was back home. I told her I wish we lived closer and she wanted me to come and see her and said she has a big house with four bedrooms. Maybe some day I will make it out there if we both live long enough. It still worries me to know I was just across the Columbia River from her in Portland, Oregon one time and that was before I knew where she was. I hope I get that chance again. She said she doesn’t fly anymore and I never have. I think I would surely get claustrophobic knowing I was up there in the sky and couldn’t get out of the plane. Of course I’m afraid of crashing too. Seems like one crashes almost every day now. Usually the small planes, but others too.

Well, this is bound to be boring to read about all of our running around. It really makes us tired. I will say I trust you Jesus and I believe in angels, so take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.