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Nubbin Ridge Homemakers Club


Nubbin Ridge Homemakers Club

     By: Missy Shay

We had Christmas in July at the Nubbin Ridge Homemakers’ Club last week. We met at Norma’s house for our meeting and she is a very charming hostess! She gave a lesson on early outlaw families in Missouri and the impact the Civil War had on our area. I loved hearing from our older ladies some of the tales about the early days of Missouri. I asked why Douglas County is called Booger County. The consensus is that there were rumors of a “Boogey Man” or “haunts and haints” in the hills. The rumors were probably started by the moonshiners and outlaws in the area trying to keep the IRS and others out of the area. Maybe, that is why they started calling this area “Booger County”.

Next month our lesson will be on wills, trusts, and how to pay for long term nursing home care. We will be meeting at Norma’s house again. We meet the second Thursday of the month at one p.m. Please check out our new Facebook group. Just search under Nubbin Ridge Homemakers’ Club. Please join us for hints, tips, recipes and more. We will also share about the upcoming meetings in the group. We are Christian ladies learning new homemaking hints, crafts, etc. We are not affiliated with any church. The Nubbin Ridge club and others like it were started in the early 1950’s by the University of Missouri Extension agents in order to teach homemakers in rural areas the domestic sciences. They also started several 4-H Clubs.

We had sad news last week. One of our life long members, Nadine Letsinger, passed away on July 12. Her wisdom and loving self will be missed.









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