MSU Board of Governors Approves 2017-18 Budget

SPRINGFIELD — Missouri State University’s operating budget for 2017-18 will be $286 million. The Board of Governors approved the fiscal year 2018 operating budget at its meeting in West Plains June 23.

Missouri State anticipates receiving approximately $8 million less in state funding than last year. In the spring semester, administration and committees worked on formulating a plan that would balance the budget.

“Missouri State employees have committed to working more efficiently in the face of reduced state appropriations,” said President Clifton M. Smart. “We have also eliminated programs and activities and reduced our workforce to balance our budget.”

The budget also accounts for anticipated enrollment growth and modest increases in tuition and fees.

“As we move forward, we are laser-focused on maintaining academic quality for our students and retaining students through graduation. This – along with our dedication to growing engaged leaders – is what sets us apart and makes Missouri State a growing, thriving institution,” said Smart.

Tuition, fees, scholarships

In April, the Board of Governors Executive Committee set tuition rates for 2017-18.

The university will provide about $30 million in scholarships during the year.

About $11.6 million of the budget is designated for West Plains.

The FY18 operating budget is available online at