Dogwood Ramblings

It would seem we have had a rather quiet week here at Dogwood Hill. A medium sized black bear was seen at Ron Boeddeker’s place.  My “pup” has been rather quiet and that tells me that the smaller animals have not been prowling much behind my home. A few weeks ago some bee hives were attacked and smashed north of here with signs of it being a black bear.  It might seem that this heat has affected usual “traffic” in the woods. I am an avid fan of animal programs on the satellite shows so figure we can expect most anything.

Years ago Ms. Ruby Williams was feeding her cattle on the south side of Hwy. 14 and when she opened the shed to get some grain a puma (wild big cat of some sort) leaped out of the shed and jumped over Ms. Ruby. A few years later Donnie Lee came to our house and told us that our black lab was up in a tree between our place and the Garrison farm. I pointed to our lab and asked if that was the “lab in a tree” and of course, it wasn’t. So it would seem that from time to time we do have some big cats in the area in addition to black bears.  Even the armadillos haven’t been tearing up my yard in months. We did see a wolf some 30 years ago.

Great-Grandson Justin is again home in Oregon. With all the medical problems in my home I didn’t get to see much of him. He did get to help with feeding and moving cattle, but that isn’t much of a vacation for a teenager.

It was great to get to Mass on Sunday as Annie Stillings picked me up for this occasion. Good to see so many folk and to hear their kind words, to hear of new babies here and those expected and to catch up on how everyone is doing.

In Texas a friend went to a birthday party for her great grandson, about 10 or 12 pre-school children. Half way through the party one little one was barfing and obviously sick and the child’s father said the little guy was sick in the morning but was feeling better….so he took this child to a party? Have people forgotten to think of what they are doing or, is it that they don’t care? I tend to believe it is ignorance or a “so what!” attitude just so long as their child is happy.