Dogwood Ramblings

Well, I now have a new heart valve and am home.  Granddaughter Reanna has been staying with me just in case a problem should arise. The surgeons said the process went nicely, excellently in fact. Prior to the procedure, I went through test after test, most drawing blood from my aged veins – but I survived – deepest thanks to the surgeons and the many prayers by so many family and friends….and the loving benevolence of our Lord.

Alice Nelson and Cindy Hailey have provided me with enough food to last several days, and it is yummy. Phone calls have kept me busy and my recovery calls for lots of walking – but not in the heat.  So, my carpet is getting a workout.

Ron said he had a really nice visit with J.R. and Pam Garrison, our good neighbors.  Now Ron and Randy have had fun vaccinating and such on a bunch of calves and doing some mechanical work on vehicles.  Not a fun way to spend a holiday, but necessary.

Didn’t get to church on Sunday but Renee Brown, good lady that she is, brought me Communion and we prayed together. Hopefully next Sunday will work out for me and I do lots of praying for ever so many every day and night. And I hope you do the same. I also hope you found Independence Day fulfilling and remembered those who made this day possible.