County Line

I send my sympathy to the family of Mike Bushong. He was 50 years old and had a fatal heart attack on Wednesday. His funeral was Saturday in Ozark. Donna Dodson and Diana Davis attended.

David and Donna Dodson celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary on Monday. They had lunch at Rooster’s in Seymour. They had been to Springfield. They stopped by June Dodson’s in order to help install an air conditioner.

Bryse Dodson played baseball in Ava on Tuesday and Thursday. Donna and Michael attended.

Donna came by here on Monday and Wednesday. On Thursday Macee Breeding came with her.

Macee and Megan Goforth went to the pool on Wednesday.

Debra Reed of Kansas called on Wednesday. Gabi Ayala has to have tubes put in her ears.

Donna Dodson, Bryse Dodson, Jacob Litwiller and I went to Squires Saturday evening.

Max and Kathy Stephens visited Jo and John Stephens on Saturday.

Congratulations to Amy Iott and Ronnie Croney who were married Sunday afternoon in Marshfield. Donna and I watched in on her phone. We went to get groceries afterwards.

Reece Goforth and Morgan Clements went to the fireworks at Pontiac Sunday evening.

Quin Breeding spent a few days at the lake with a friend.