Breedon News

We sang our opening song and Evelyn Harper gave our opening prayer. Joe Lafferty read the 126th Psalm to open Sunday school. Our lesson was in I Kings, chapters five and six. We will take the 7th chapter next Sunday. We discussed the chapters, it’s still about Solomon and his reign. Bro. Bill Harper asked the blessing on the morning offering. The congregation sang a few songs. It’s hard to sing when we have so many allergies. Joe Lafferty preached at the 11 o’clock hour in the second chapter of Hebrews, “Don’t Neglect Such A Great Salvation. The scripture was so good. Joe said a prayer after the reading. We ended the service by singing and was dismissed by Ronnie Thomas.

We dismissed our evening service to join Goodhope Baptist for fireworks. It was beautiful. I’m still glad we have our freedom to worship God and be able to do so. Sometimes I think we take for granted how many wars was fought to accomplish our freedom. We ought to thank God most of all.

God bless.